Dogs Don't Care

Dogs Don't Care
by Kathleen Dunbar

Dogs as a whole  
don't care what they look like 
(except perhaps for poodles).  
Let yourself find that dignity 
and freedom 
that creatures know 
—let the sense of you being you 
in the moment 
just as you are 
become a little fuller. 
Your body will thank you 
(it already knows how 
and will be glad you listened). 
Your heart will  
The miracle is You— 
beauteous, unique, 
sometimes with fleas, 
alive and here
Don’t let the thoughts 
that compare and criticize you 
be the only show in town. 
They never took into account 
the mystery that is you. 
Be as dog, or horse, 
or walrus— 
trust yourself 
howl wildly, run, snort 
play and growl 
taste and smell  
sing and dance 
and most of all be here
The body that you were given 
is exquisite. 
Your heart is waiting for you 
to love yourself. 
You are amazing. 

© Kathleen Dunbar 2020

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