Talks, Workshops and Private Classes

I periodically offer experientially-based public talks, workshops and private classes to help participants take away new tools to catalyze their growth. Please contact me for details, or if you are interested in arranging a public talk, workshop or a private class. Topics I enjoy giving include: 

  • Happiness, Joy and Fulfillment! 
  • Reconnecting with Your Authentic Self 
  • Easy Relaxation Techniques 
  • Using Visualizations
  • Creative Expression 
  • Movement and Mindfulness 
  • Archetypal and Spirit Energy Practices 
  • Using Tablework in Your Practice 
  • Healing from Trauma

I can also custom-tailor a talk or workshop on specific issues to meet the needs of your group, company or class. I enjoy helping participants have felt-sense, practiced, practical take-away tools at the end of my engagements.


If each day falls 
inside each night, 
there exists a well 
where clarity is imprisoned. 
We need to sit on the rim 
of the well of darkness 
and fish for fallen light 
with patience.

-Pablo Neruda

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