"It’s Time to Take the Leap into My Life!” Here's the Quiz:   

If you answer “yes” to 10 or more, your unique, alive,   
deeply lived life is missing you!   

  1. On the day after you die, looking back on your life, would you find that you haven’t done what was uniquely meaningful for you? Or loved in the way that you want?   
  2. Have you made a lot of money, but can’t get off the gerbil wheel?   
  3. Have you forgotten what it’s like to not take work home with you?   
  4. Outside your job and off the work campus do you find yourself compelled to drink or party really hard? Is binging on Netflix a frequent remedy for burn out?   
  5. Is there really no life outside your job?   
  6. Do you use caffeine to make it through the day? Do you chronically not sleep enough?   
  7. Have you ever felt you are among the well-paid living dead?   
  8. Are you having health issues due to overwork?   
  9. Is down time spent checking your peripherals rather than checking in with real people?   
  10. Has home life become a session to calendarize and schedule? Does your relationship-time consist mainly of the time you sleep together?   
  11. Is the only reason that somebody notices you at work because they can get something from you, and if you don’t present them with an opportunity, you don’t exist.   
  12. Is it hard to ask colleagues for help because that would show weakness?   
  13. Is there a tacit understanding to not say or do things at work that would “rock the boat?”   
  14. Does the pressure to go along with corporate group culture override expressing your intuition?   
  15. Is there pressure to take actions that lack compassion?   
  16. Do you avoid asking anything about what’s inside yourself—that’s against the rules.   
  17. Have you forgotten what it’s like to experience an exquisite silence in your mind?   
  18. Do you have a feeling that there’s something greater than yourself but don’t know how to access it?   
  19. Are you living at a distance from your body instead of in your body?   
  20. Has work felt depleting rather than replenishing for quite some time?

Did you answer "Yes" to more than ten? Let me help you take the leap back into your unique and meaningful life!

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An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire  
existence. -Balzac 



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