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   I want to tell you 
   that you are okay 

     I want to be 
     the flower for you 
     the small diamond water 
     of the fountain 
     with the mossy stones 
     the clear song of the bird 
     that breaks your heart 
     so that you begin  
     to remember 
     it's okay to be alive 
     I know how hard it is 
     I have the scars, too 
     from the jagged monster 
     who chews its children 
     and leaves them 
     tense-boned and 
     the monster of breaking 
     who fills small bodies 
     with knowledge so unspeakable 
     that the most golden of bells 
     can make no sound 
     but my love 
     if you keep hope  
     behind the wall 
     it is no good 
     no good 
     you have to walk out 
     into the open now 
     though every sinew 
     for bone and will 
     have done their work 
     they have brought you 
     but they are  
     useless creatures 
     when confronted  
     with kindness 
     what was given to you 
     long ago-- 
     the sad old spasm 
     of protection-- 
     with that you 
     can never know honey 
     you can never truly 
     oh, those old wars 
     they are over and gone 
     my warm hand is here 
     and I'll tell you  
     over and over 
     with the eloquent language 
     of my fingers 
     my breath 
     my eyes that have seen 
     death and lived 
     I will tell you gladly 
     that we are home at last 
     alive most deeply 
     in our own dignity 
     though the hired warrior 
     has kept you walking 
     let him lay down 
     in the garden's earth now 
     and sumptuously rot 
     kindly let him come apart in 
     worm and root 
     till his hollowness 
     has healed into 
     the soft den of an animal 
     you have always been 
     the untarnishable gold bell 
     and the crazy wild heart of its 
     star-made clapper 
     and it is time, my love 
     for you to 
                   -Kathleen Dunbar

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