Hakomi Mindfulness Centered Psychotherapy

Ten thousand flowers in spring,
the moon in autumn, 
A cool breeze in summer,
snow in winter. 
If your mind isn’t clouded
by unnecessary things, 
This is the best season of your life. 


  • “I don’t belong.” 
  • “I have to do everything myself.” 
  • “I never get what I need.” 
  • “You have to be strong or people will walk all over you.”
  • “If I say what I want, people won’t like me.” 
  • “I have to work really hard to be good enough.”
  • “Nobody really sees me and appreciates me.” 

We all have painful patterns. They arise as the most creative-way-so-far that a person has to manage life. Sometimes we close down in a long-term way to protect ourselves and not get hurt again. We may start to believe that everyone will treat us the same way that the people treated us who first hurt us. “That’s how life is” we may tell ourselves. 

We limit ourselves when we base our lives on these beliefs. We often end up stuffing away our dreams and aliveness. There’s big consequences to living this way. We can end up being angry, depressed, stuck, confused, addicted, anxious, overwhelmed, shy. 

Coming Alive!  

  • Transform old habits and patterns that don’t work anymore Find new ways of living that reflect your real self.
  • Get in touch with your personal truth.
  • Make lasting changes that serve your needs in your daily life. Tap into your juice and come fully alive!
  • Discover your unique destiny.
  • Feel good about yourself.
  • Be free to express yourself. 
  • Enjoy intimacy.
  • Take pleasure in life.
  • Make good choices.
  • Be loved and supported.
  • Give love and support.

In the Hakomi tradition, we use curiosity, kindness and mindfulness to help you recognize and explore old habits, shift them, and then claim your aliveness in a way you can live from every day. We actively use all of the dimensions of your being human – body, thoughts, emotions, posture, belief systems, breath, creativity. 

We’ll find direct clues right into your true self that wants a full life. I’ll help you learn how to take in the exact healing experiences you need to grow and thrive. In our sessions, we’ll create a “toolbox” of ways to both deal with difficult situations, and to recognize and take hold of satisfaction and pleasure. Change is possible!

Reclaim Your Birthright

The habits you adopted as a child and teen kept you safe when your choices were limited. Think of those habits as Parts of yourself, a Security Team. When we guard something, it is because it is valuable! Your Parts guarded your most valuable treasure: You! You're aliveness, your creativity, your unique wholeness. Hakomi helps you thank these Parts and helps them step aside so that you can fully inhabit your Treasure, your Wise Self, which is as untarnishable as gold. You have been waiting for You! 

  • I’m safe and welcome. I belong. I can be here. I can trust.   
  • It’s okay for me to be powerful.   
  • It’s okay to need others and to ask for help.    
  • I can be real and vulnerable.   
  • I can be direct, do it my way, and still be loved.   
  • I know I am lovable just as I am, without having to do anything.   
  • I feel understood and seen.

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