Re-Creation of the Self Model of Human Systems

In Beauty May I Walk

Happily may I walk.
With beauty before me I walk.
With beauty behind me I walk.
With beauty below me I walk.
With beauty above me I walk.
With beauty all around me I walk.
It is finished in beauty
It is finished in beauty.

-from the Diné Night Chant

Our Birthright is To Be Fully Alive! 

There is deep-down rightness we feel when we are aligned with ourselves. We aren’t fighting ourselves inside. We’re not hiding, or giving up. We’re not numb anymore, or agitated and angry with everything and everybody. When we’re being our real selves and living fully we: 

  • Engage in life in ways most uniquely meaningful for ourselves. 
  • Participate without holding back. 
  • Easily offer and receive friendship and support. 
  • Let our personal truth guide our lives. 
  • Stand up for justice, voicing and acting as stewards for ourselves and others. 
  • Laugh or weep naturally and unselfconsciously. 
  • Live completely in a quiet afternoon spent in a garden and in the full thrum of life. 

Breaking the Bonds of Habit 

The ways we are “stuck” come complete with habitual postures, gestures, inner unhelpful voices, beliefs and actual neural pathways. It’s like a path in the forest. The more we walk along a path, the more deeply beaten it becomes in the forest floor. We just go that way because we are used to it. That’s habit, and it keeps us in a pretty small acre of a pretty huge forest. But when we listen, we can hear a longing for something else, a “What else is there?” voice. Rather than remaining in the familiar trance that keeps us on the old path, we discover: 

  • We learn to break the bonds of habit. 
  • We learn we can choose to live from our Wise Self. 
  • We recognize and claim our personal truth. 

Re-Creation of the Self:
Choosing to be You 

Re-Creation of the Self, developed by internationally acclaimed teacher, therapist, and Senior Hakomi Trainer Jon Eisman, is a highly effective, efficient, respectful and user-friend method which helps you swiftly recognize and embody your truth, strength, uniqueness, and vision and come fully alive! Re-Creation of the Self offers specifically tuned exercises, mindfulness techniques, and somatic awareness practices so that you walk away from each session with a felt-sense, practiced, already-living-in-you richness and vitality. In our sessions I will help you: 

  • Learn how to recognize “What else is there?” besides the pain. 
  • Identify what is most meaningfully you and live it! 
  • Come home to yourself. 
  • Step into and live from your personal truth. 
  • Be your wisest and deepest self. 
  • Claim, hear, see, feel and act upon what brings you alive. 
  • Follow your intuition. 
  • Find your path. 
  • Live your “one wild, precious life!”

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