The Tamura Method

Sometimes talking is not enough. 
Mind-body integration 
is a hands-on invitation 
to help you partner with yourself. 
All that old hurt, 
it’s what happened to you 
but it’s not who you are or who you ever were. 
Your child is waiting for you 
to find him – to find her 
for you to say: 
You are safe! You are whole! 
Now you live in the house of kindness! 
Yeah! We’re Alive! 
Come on my dear, my buddy, my angel, my hero! 
breathe, create, sing, love – 
this is what you are made for: 
wake up your belly 
open your heart 
let your spirit dance 
it is true: 
you are whole! 

How touch and energy help: 

  • Safely identify and open to the experience of your own natural energy flow 
  • Experience bodily-felt integrity and goodness 
  • Claim your emotional freedom 
  • Get back on the unique path of your life and your expression 
  • Feel your strength and vitality 
  • Know “in your bones” who you are 
  • Embody your unique Self 

We experience wholeness when our bodies, minds and spirits are naturally in sync. Our energy then becomes an expression of our true purpose and vitality, and flows easily. 

Losing Our Path

Sometimes we get stuck in old ways of doing things. We lose our creativity and resiliency. We lose our path as we act on outdated beliefs and impulses. They keep us smaller, lonelier, needier, tougher, in more drama. These old habits are ways we are still protecting ourselves from difficult things that happened long ago. Back then, we weren’t old enough or didn’t have enough resources to protect, express, or find support for ourselves. Even though that was long ago, we can get stuck in reacting to the present as if it were the past when our hurt “child” self gets triggered: 

     “I'm not safe.” 
“I'm not worthy.” 
     “I'm not loved.” 

How The Tamura Method of Tablework Helps You Return to You!  

Sometimes talking is not enough to shift these habits. That’s because the energetic patterns of our hurt “child” self live not only in our thoughts and beliefs, but in our bodies, especially the belly and heart-area. 

  • The Tamura Method is a touch-assisted, physicalized form of psychotherapeutic inquiry performed on the table. 
  • Together we bring mindfulness and inquiry to armoring, protection, and old beliefs which contract and shape the architecture of your body and energy. 
  • Then I help you shift from the old energetic and physical patterns and limiting beliefs of your hurt child, to the felt-sense, keepable flow and vitality of your healed child and wise adult – the life force and uniqueness which has always been your birthright. 

The Tamura Method was developed by one of my dear mentors, Wynn Tamura. It is a form of tablework that can be our main focus, or we can use it as an adjunct to our psychotherapy sessions. Clients are always fully clothed.

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