Biodynamic Cranial Touch

Biodynamic Cranial Touch is a way for you to 
compassionately, easily 
in your own rhythm 
experience your wholeness and healing energy 
and that of the web of life 
physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually 
in a lasting, embodied way 
that you can 
keep and grow. 

Return to Yourself 

  • Learn to use your own “wholeness re-set button” more easily 
  • Calm, align and center yourself 
  • Feel more relaxed and resilient 
  • Find your unique way of expressing your body-mind-energy-spirit 
  • Deepen and expand your sense of aliveness 
  • Shift from a limiting to a lively and nourished outlook on life 
  • Learn how to shift from working and efforting, to receptivity and action arising out of being. 

Finding Your Reset Button

Sometimes we're caught in anxious, frenetic, narrow or depressed ways of living. Our bodies, our thoughts, and feelings can ache! The habits that keep us stuck are self-perpetuating: the more we worry, the more we worry! Dark moods get darker. The more we try to get done, the more there’s left to do! We toughen up or sink with a lack of support. When we look for answers in an already-skewed system, we end up getting further depleted in our bodies and our minds and lose touch with the call of our spirits. 

  • In a cranial session we enter an energetic space where whatever your system needs will naturally arise. 
  • You will begin to respond to the quiet and connection, so that you shift naturally from activated or numb patterns to more nourishing rhythms as you are informed by what originator Dr. Sutherland calls “The Breath of Life.” 
  • This modality of cranial sacral work – a gentle, non-manipulative, supportive form of touch using a table – can be used on its own or as an adjunct to psychotherapy sessions. 

This particular form, developed by Charles Ridley, helps you experience your True Self in a profoundly deep, practical, and lasting way, by attuning you to your own blueprint for health. It calls forth your natural re-alignment, resonance and healing forces, and those of the web of life. Clients are fully clothed, and typically experience the session as deeply restful. 

Cranial "Rhythms"

  • During a session, you shift out of the “enfoldment” of an over-activated or depleted Cranial Rhythm which is trauma based, chaotic and lonely, into a way of relating filled with balance, nourishment and joy. As you naturally begin to unfold from the nervous system's way of perceiving to your heart's way of perceiving, you may experience one or more of the following: 
  • You feel connected to all beings and to nature. The wound of separateness dissolves. You may experience Flow, water (river, rain, lakes, the sea, liquid), feelings, images, sensations of the natural world, animals, a billowy sensation, a deeper sense of being in the body, new awareness of parts of the body, a contented release from past difficulties. 
  • Luminosity – you move into the larger Self that Jung speaks of, finding archetypal beings and images (the lake that holds King Arthur's sword, a holy golden sea, the River Styx), totem animals, lights, colors, a divine wind, a feeling of love, being in many places at the same time, having a sense of something being “met” in you that hasn’t before been met, layers coming off, geometric shapes, expansive space, a lava-lamp, sun, sky, a cleansing hurricane, flood, earthquake, a primordial abyss, a good feeling of being “gone” which indicates the “little self” or “little me” has shifted to a larger perspective. 
  • In the mysterious darkness of the universe, you become the No-Self. Here, in Dynamic Stillness, a sense of slow alive movement arises within a simultaneous and complete stillness. 
  • You experience what Charles Ridley calls the Breath of Love – direct bodily contact with the mystery of life and death,” within and without, a feeling of connection to all that is, the integration of all the above “enfoldments” at once, in the pristine safe warm love of the Mother, with the unflinching guardianship of the Father.

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