People, Info and Training Links


Hakomi Institute of California 
International Headquarters of Hakomi 


Jim Hopper (Psychological Trauma Expert)
Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) 
Pat Ogden (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy) 
Babette Rothschild (Working with Trauma)
Dan Siegel (Trauma, Attachment, Mindfulness)


John Gottman (Couples) 
Terry Real (Couples, Men) 
Daniel Sonkin (Couples, Family, Domestic Violence) 

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Touch 

Gary Peterson/Star Institute Marin
Allison Post Marin
Charles Ridley Marin


Follow this link to view: Websites for Dyslexics


Joseph Feusi, Mentor/Coach since 1994 San Francisco, Marin, Worldwide


Olivia Corson (Body Tales) East Bay 
Gawain Mathews (Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer, 
Multi Instrumentalist) San Pablo 
Naomi Rose (Writing from the Deeper Self/Book Developer) East Bay 
The Center for Creative Expression (Painting) San Francisco 

Befriending the Body 

Nomi Dekel (Body image and eating) East Bay 
Meghan Marks/Bowenwork Marin (Bodywork, Muscle and Connective Tissue Therapy) Mill Valley
Denise Martini (Biodynamic Cranial Touch, Movement Inquiry) Sonoma
Allison Post (Working with the Belly and the Breath) Marin 

Continuum Movement 

Linda Chrisman East Bay
Emily Conrad Creator of Continuum 
Susan Harper International 
Denise Martini Sonoma
Beth Pettingill-Riley Santa Cruz 

Psychodrama and Playback Theater

Bay Area Moreno Institute Marin and San Francisco
Armand Volkas East Bay and 
Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance East Bay
Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble East Bay
Healing the Wounds of History: Center for Peacebuilding and the Arts East Bay

Archetypal and Spirit Energy Work

Bear McKay/The McKay Method School of Energy of Healing 
Kristin Madden 
Brooke Medicine Eagle 
Lewis Mehl-Madrona 
Carolin Nobles (makes incredible shaman drums)
Martin Prechtel/Bolad’s Kitchen 
Jon Rasmussen 
Sobonfu Some
Maria Yraceburu  

Alternative Healing 

Jon Rasmussen (Shaman)
Matthew Engel LCSW (Hypnotherapist, Psychic Reader) San Francisco 
Bear McKay (Founder of The McKay Method of Energy 
Healing) International 
Katherine Preston, MFT (Hypnotherapy) 415/533-3546 San Francisco 

Wilderness Quests 

School of Lost Borders
Wilderness Reflections

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