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Accepting Yourself—You Are A Gem!

"When you love you fall under the waves, 
if you never fall you can never be saved 
sometimes it’s grace, sometimes luck 
when a hand reaches out and you take it up." 
—Kathleen Dunbar, from my album The Storm

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There are essential acts and states of consciousness which we can identify and use to create a foundation to help us ground, grow, connect and thrive in both good times and times of stress (like during COVID-19). 

I’ve boiled down…

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You Matter

You matter. You have always mattered. Let the dust settle that contains all the reasons you thought you didn't matter. Ah!--there is your gem self! Welcome home, my love, welcome home. 

Here's a self-friendly compassionate perspective to help you shift:

Send You Love In The Morning

One of the first songs I ever wrote arrived in my heart and mind when I was on a wilderness quest in Death Valley many years ago. It’s called Send You Love. You can find the words below. I send

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Coming Home To Your Untarnishable Golden Self

All your choices have brought you to this moment. You did the best you could. Thank the voices that criticize you by telling them “I know you’re only trying to help.” I mean it--really do this--thank them! That's an audacious…

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Shaman' Stone

Shaman’s Stone 
by Kathleen Dunbar 

At the heart of your experience is You.  
And though your Essence may not be weighed,  
is not palpable or seen,  
that Mystery makes you all the more Sacred.  
Seek for yourself, and love the…

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Dogs Don't Care

Dogs Don't Care
by Kathleen Dunbar

Dogs as a whole  
don't care what they look like 
(except perhaps for poodles).  
Let yourself find that dignity 
and freedom 
that creatures know 
—let the sense of you being you 
in the moment …

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Creativity Takes Courage!

There’s only one you! You and your uniqueness add something to this world that no one else can! You make the world a better place by being truly you! Trust your intuition, your passion, your expression! Whatever it is that…

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If You Fall

If You Fall 

By Kathleen Dunbar

Rest all the way down  
through the bottom of the pond 
and its gravel nibbled by the fishes.  
Go past to where 
the moist soil rests like leavened bread 
upon the crockery of the…

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Working with the Wise Self and Your Parts

By Kathleen Dunbar, MFT #39880 Certified Hakomi Therapist

One of the most important transformational acts of healing happens as you: 

  • Identify your "Wise Self" or "True Self." 
  • Become conscious of your reactive selves, or voices, or “Parts”—those habitual patterns…
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